Interchangeable Headbands

Interchangeable Headbands

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Tired of wasting money on headbands that your baby will outgrow in a few months?  Our interchangeable headbands are a MUST HAVE!  Never purchase a bow attached to a headband again.


Available in over 100 solid colors. Our interchangeable headbands have a tiny loop that an alligator clip can easily clip into. Don't worry, our alligator clips stay in until they are removed. This makes it possible for all of your bows to be worn as clips too.  Sometimes big sis needs to borrow them.   


These headbands can also double as a plain headband by simply hiding the loop part under the hair when a bow isn't needed.


Please measure head, if possible, to get the best fit.  Sizes listed are just a suggestion.


Preemie - 12"

Newborn - 13"

3-6 months - 15"

6-12 months - 16"

toddler - 17"

child - 18"

teen/adult - 20"