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Butter Yellow Satin Flower Hair Clip

Butter Yellow Satin Flower Hair Clip

This butter yellow satin flower hair clip is made from high-quality satin fabric. The center is adorned with genuine Swarovski crystal accents. It's perfect for an updo for a special occasion or just clip it into a ponytail and go.  Available with your choice of hairclip. 


Sizes are approximate.

Small - 2"

Large - 3" (shown on model)


Alligator clip - double-pronged hair clip.

No-slip alligator clip - double-pronged clip with no-slip material.

No-slip mini alligator clip - tiny single pronged no-slip alligator clip. (small flowers only) 

French clip - french barrette with locking closure.

Brooch clip - perfect to pin on clothing or a bag.

Without clip - no clip on the back makes it easy to attach to anything you want.



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